Geithner on the Future of global economy- is this a beginning of lower growth rates?

US Treasury Secretary Geithner recently said “We must set ourselves on a path so that one country, or group of countries, does not consume in excess while another set of countries produces in excess,…”, “American people and investors (around the world) need to understand that we will have the will and the commitment as a country to go back to point that we are living within our means,..”  “Obama administration is urging key emerging markets like China and India, to stimulate demand at home and provide an export market for US products.  Are we going to see a long term recovery in the US? Will the emerging countries lead the recovery and if so how this can happen since they’re export oriented? Probably this can provide an explanation for the push for more international stimulus funding from the US administration but as well illustrate the importance of its stimulus plan.


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